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BALKANS  [Back to Categories]
Nick DaviesWhy Marxists Should Have Defended Bosnia – And Why They Shouldn’t  What Next? No.4
Amanda SebestyenBosnia and Socialism (letter)  What Next? No.4
Paul TrewhelaMarxism and Bosnia (letter)    What Next? No.7
Mike JonesMarxism and Bosnia (letter)  What Next? No.8
Mike JonesSome Comments on the National Question in Yugoslavia  What Next? No.9
Nick DaviesReview of Noel Malcolm, Kosovo: A Short History  What Next? No.10
Prof S. BajricBosnia (letter)  What Next? No.10
Luis OviedoBosnia: A View from Argentina  What Next? No.11
Al RichardsonBosnia (letter)  What Next? No.11
Joe RassoolBosnia and Al Richardson (letter)  What Next? No.12
Mike JonesMarx, Engels, the National Question and Bosnia (letter)  What Next? No.13
Nick BraunsKosova and the KLA  What Next? No.13
Nick DaviesKosova: Serbia’s Cradle – Whose Graveyard?  What Next? No.13
Bob Pitt"Self-Determination" for Kosova?  What Next? No.13
John PalmerWar in Kosovo: A Victory for Human Rights  What Next? No.14
Dave BedggoodOrder Reigns in the Balkans  What Next? No.14
Nick DaviesSelf-Determination for Kosova!  What Next? No.14
Bernard H. MossReview of Laura Silber and Alan Little, The Death of Yugoslavia  What Next? No.14
Joe RassoolIntellectual Dissidence and the Serb National Question  What Next? No.15
Dave RichardsEthnic Oppression in Kosova (letter)  What Next? No.15
John Palmer Kosova and Genocide (letter)  What Next? No.16
Mick WoodsWelcome to Zone 2  What Next? No.19
CHINA  [Back to Categories]
Wang FanxiThe Stalinist State in China: The Social Meaning of Mao Tse-Tung’s Victory  What Next? No.29
COMMUNISM  [Back to Categories]
Kenny CoyleWhy Britain’s Communists Backed Blair  What Next? No.6
Martin SullivanThe Crisis at the Morning Star  What Next? No.7
Kenny CoyleThe Communist Party of Britain and Left Unity  What Next? No.8
Martin SullivanThe Morning Star Strike (letter)  What Next? No.8
Phil WatsonCPGB – The Final Countdown?  What Next? No.22
Ian DonovanCPGB: Centrism, Vacillation and Capitulation  What Next? No.29
COMMUNIST HISTORY  [Back to Categories]
Walter HeldWhy the German Revolution Failed  What Next? No.1
Jean Van HeijenoortThe German Revolution in the Leninist Period  What Next? No.2
Mike JonesGerman Communist Party History (letter)  What Next? No.4
Mike JonesKarl Korsch (letter)  What Next? No.17
John SullivanSantiago Carrillo: A Life in Six Acts (Part 1)  What Next? No.22
John SullivanSantiago Carrillo: A Life in Six Acts (Part 2)  What Next? No.23
Jim MortimerSaklatvala: A Communist MP on a Labour Ticket  What Next? No.24
Tobias AbseTogliatti: Loyal Servant of Stalin  What Next? No.25
Gaby OchsenbeinWalter Kendall (letter)  What Next? No.27
DRUGS  [Back to Categories]
Jim DyeReview of Kevin Williamson, Drugs and the Party Line  What Next? No.7
Jim DyeDrugs in Capitalist Society: A Marxist Response  What Next? No.9
Richard PriceDrugs, Socialists and Morality: A Rejoinder  What Next? No.13
ECONOMICS  [Back to Categories]
Brian GreenThe Young Tigers: An Endangered Species  What Next? No.7
Bernard H. MossReview of Robert Brenner, The Economics of Global Turbulence  What Next? No.12
Brian GreenThe World Economy: Towards the Millennium  What Next? No.14
Matthew WillgressReview of Michael Barratt Brown, The Young Person’s Guide to the Global Crisis and the Alternative  What Next? No.16
Brian GreenThe World Economy: Results and Prospects  What Next? No.18
Dave RobertsProductive and Unproductive Labour (letter)  What Next? No.19
Brian GreenThe World Economy After 11 September  What Next? No.21
Brian GreenThe World Economy: Heading for the Rocks  What Next? No.23
Brian GreenThe World Economy: Starting to Feel Like a Slump  What Next? No.25
EUROPE  [Back to Categories]
Bernard H. MossReview of John Grahl, After Maastricht: A Guide to European Monetary Union  What Next? No.10
Will PodmoreEU – Agent of Capital  What Next? No.18
Bernie MossThe Nation and the Euro: Where Power Lies  What Next? No.23
Werner BonefeldClass and Subsidiarity: On European Monetary Union  What Next? No.23
Will PodmoreBlair and the EU (letter)  What Next? No.28

FRANCE  [Back to Categories]
Ted CrawfordThe French Presidential Election, Arlette, Ol’ Uncle Tom Cobleigh an’ All an’ All  What Next? No.22
Andrew CoatesThe Broken Reed: The French Left’s Historic Defeat  What Next? No.23
Ian BirchallThe French left’s defeat (letter)  What Next? No.24
FUEL PROTESTS  [Back to Categories]
Barry BuitekantSupport the Fuel Protestors  What Next? No.17
Mike CalvertThe Fuel Protests: No to Petit Bourgeois Reaction  What Next? No.17
Terry LiddleThe Fuel Protests: A Green Socialist Solution  What Next? No.17
GREEN POLITICS  [Back to Categories]
Terry LiddleThe Greens and the London Elections  London Election Special
Terry LiddleGreen Politics and Socialism  What Next? No.16
Peter TatchellReds and Greens Unite!  What Next? No.16
Jim RiddleRed-Green Unity and Class Politics (letter)  What Next? No.17
Nick DaviesReview of Capital & Class No.72, Special Issue, Environmental Politics: Analyses and Alternatives  What Next? No.18
Al RichardsonMillennial Politics: The Nightmare of George Orwell  What Next? No.5
Bob PittReview of Andrew Murray, Flashpoint: World War III  What Next? No.5
Hal DraperThe ABC of National Liberation Movements  What Next? No.13
Stuart WatkinShiny, Happy Socialist People: A Defence of Revolutionary Cuba  What Next? No.18
Raghu Krishnan and B. Skanthakumar Anti-Globalization and Its Discontents  What Next? No.19
Robert WilkinsMarxism and Anti-Imperialism  What Next? No.21
Bob PittThoughts on the Anti-War Campaign  What Next? No.21
Dave RentonChristopher in Khaki  What Next? No.21
Osama bin LadenJihad  What Next? No.21
Tan MalakaCommunism and Pan-Islamism  What Next? No.21
Ted CrawfordA Military Revolution?  What Next? No.22
J. van SteenTan Malaka: Revolutionary Hero  What Next? No.22
Jim HigginsChristopher Hitchens (letter)  What Next? No.22
Dave RobertsPan-Islamism and Marxism (letter)  What Next? No.22
Jean BricmontWhy We Should Still Be Anti-Imperialists  What Next? No.23
Joe RassoolReview of Mark Juergensmeyer, The Terror in the Mind of God  What Next? No.23
Norm DixonHow the US Armed Saddam Hussein with Chemical Weapons  What Next? No.24
Carolyne CulverNo War On Iraq!  What Next? No.25
Ted CrawfordThe Political and Military Implications of the Iraq War  What Next? No.26
Terry SheenReview of Chris Brazier, ed., Raging Against the Machine: 30 Years of Campaigning for Global Justice  What Next? No.26
Chris GrayA Programme for Global Justice  What Next? No.27
Will PodmoreReview of Richard A. Clarke, Against All Enemies: Inside America’s War on Terror  What Next? No.28
Will PodmoreReview of Clara Nieto, Masters of War: Latin America and United States Aggression from the Cuban Revolution Through the Clinton Years  What Next? No.29
Will PodmoreReview of Noam Chomsky, Hegemony or Survival: America’s Quest for Global Dominance  What Next? No.29
Bob PittReview of Francis Wheen, How Mumbo-Jumbo Conquered the World  What Next? No.29
IRELAND  [Back to Categories]
David CoenIreland and the Crisis of the British State  What Next? No.4
Gerry DowningThe Ceasefire: Not a Stepping Stone to a United Ireland  What Next? No.5
Tony DaleWhy Socialists Should Welcome the Irish Peace Agreement  What Next? No.8
David CoenWhy Socialists Don’t Welcome the "Peace" Agreement  What Next? No.9
Tony DaleSocialism or Republicanism?  What Next? No.10
Allan ArmstrongReview of Joe Craig et al, The Real Irish Peace Process  What Next? No.11
Gerry DowningThe End of the Peace Process?  What Next? No.14
Jonathan TrautmanReview of Toby Harnden, "Bandit Country": The IRA and South Armagh  What Next? No.16
Brendan DochertyJames Connolly: His Life and Miracles  What Next? No.20
ITALY  [Back to Categories]
Marco Ferrando and Franco GrisoliaOpen Letter to Members of the PRC  What Next? No.6
Tobias AbseThe Italian General Election: Some Thoughts on the Failure of the Ulivo and the Return of Berlusconi  What Next? No.20
Tobias AbseBerlusconi and Europe  What Next? No.21
Tobias AbseThe Professor in the Balaclava: Toni Negri and Autonomist Politics  What Next? No.22
LABOUR HISTORY  [Back to Categories]
Bob PittRed Flag Over St Pancras (Part 1)  What Next? No.7
Bob PittRed Flag Over St Pancras (Part 2)  What Next? No.8
Bob PittRed Flag Over St Pancras (Part 3)  What Next? No.10
Bob PittRed Flag Over St Pancras (Part 4)  What Next? No.14
Ray ChallinorMilitary Discipline and Resistance in World War II  What Next? No.17
Martin SullivanReview of John Charlton, It Just Went Like Tinder  What Next? No.17
Keith FlettThe 1889 Dock Strike (letter)  What Next? No.18
Martin SullivanIndependent Labour Politics  What Next? No.20
Robert MorellRequest for Information about Frank Ridley (letter)  What Next? No.25
Dave HorsleyReview of Archie Potts, Konni Zilliacus: A Life for Peace and Socialism  What Next? No.27
Ed GeorgeOrwell and "The English Genius"  What Next? No.28
LABOUR PARTY  [Back to Categories]
Tony DaleSocialists and the Labour Party: Stay and Prepare the Fight  What Next? No.5
Tony DaleThe Revival of the Labour Left?  What Next? No.6
Tony WhelanSpin Doctors, Media and the Left: The Hackney Example  What Next? No.6
Mike JonesSocialists and the Labour Party (letter)  What Next? No.7
Dave OslerDon’t Want to Sleep With the Common People: Blair’s First Year in Office  What Next? No.8
Mike PhippsSome Observations on the Blair Project  What Next? No.8
Bob PittReview of Paul Whiteley and Patrick Seyd, New Labour – New Grass Roots Party?  What Next? No.8
Ian HarrisonJoan Maynard (letter)  What Next? No.8
Jim DyeNew Labour Witch-Hunt in Liverpool  What Next? No.10
Bob PittThe Labour NEC Elections: Lessons for the Left  What Next? No.10
Jonathan JosephIs Grassroots the Way Forward?  What Next? No.11
Bob PittYes, It Is: A Reply to Jonathan Joseph  What Next? No.11
Jonathan JosephThe Grassroots Alliance (letter)  What Next? No.12
Jim DyeThe Labour Party in Liverpool  What Next? No.13
Mike CowleyThe Glasgow Labour Party and the Mohammed Sarwar Case: Some Personal Reminiscences  What Next? No.14
Mike PhippsIs the Party Over?  What Next? No.14
Martin SullivanDestroying Party Democracy: The Key to Blairism’s Future  What Next? No.15
Jonathan JosephReview of Anthony Giddens, The Third Way: The Renewal of Social Democracy  What Next? No.15
Bob PittThe Labour NEC Elections  What Next? No.16
Harry Vince CoulterIs the Party Over? Some Thoughts (Part 1)  What Next? No.16
Harry Vince CoulterIs the Party Over? Some Thoughts (Part 2)  What Next? No.17
Matthew WillgressFighting "New" Labour: What Alliances Do Socialists Need?  What Next? No.17
Claire WadeyAudrey Wise, 1932-2000: A Personal Memoir  What Next? No.17
Matthew WillgressAudrey Wise (letter)  What Next? No.18
Robert WilkinsLabour After Mandelson  What Next? No.18
David Wilkinson21st Century Party  What Next? No.19
Bernie MossParty Life Under New Labour: The Untold Story  What Next? No.19
Vladimir DererLabour Party NEC Election: Millbank Manipulation Rejected  What Next? No.20
Bob PittThe General Election and After: Some General Observations  What Next? No.20
Ray ChallinorLabour: Yesterday and Today  What Next? No.21
Vladimir DererLabour NEC Election: Uphill Climb But Still The Best Result Ever  What Next? No.24
Bob PittParty of Labour or Party of Business? (review)  What Next? No.24
Moshé MachoverTony Blair’s Dilemma  What Next? No.25
Martin SullivanNew Labour and Public Opinion  What Next? No.25
David OslerTaking It On Trust  What Next? No.25
Bob PittHow Should We Fight Blairism?  What Next? No.25
Martin SullivanDiane Abbott Self-Destructs  What Next? No.27
Daniel BlaneyDiane Abbott and Private Education (letter)  What Next? No.28
Gregor GallThe End of an Enduring Alliance? Trade Union-Labour Relations  What Next? No.29
LENIN & LENINISM  [Back to Categories]
Jonathan JosephLenin’s Concept of Hegemony  What Next? No.3
Bob PittLenin and the Ultra-Left (letter)  What Next? No.3
Hal DraperThe Myth of Lenin’s "Concept of the Party"; Or What They Did to What Is To Be Done?  What Next? No.12
Karl KautskyA Letter About Lenin  What Next? No.12
Socialist AlternativeDemocratic Centralism  What Next? No.16
Louis ProyectReview of Max Elbaum, Revolution in the Air: Sixties Radicals Turn to Lenin, Mao and Che  What Next? No.24
Derek KerrReview of Werner Bonefeld and Sergio Tischler, eds, What is to be Done? Leninism, Anti-Leninist Marxism and the Question of Revolution Today   What Next? No.26
KEN LIVINGSTONE  [Back to Categories]
Martin KellyThe Left and Livingstone: Why Socialists Should Support Ken  What Next? No.12
Martin SullivanReview of John Carvel, Turn Again Livingstone  What Next? No.13
Matthew WillgressLivingstone’s London: Millbank’s Nightmare  What Next? No.15
Bob PittThe Alliance for Workers’ Liberty and Ken Livingstone  What Next? No.15
Alliance for Workers’ LibertyMinutes of National Committee Meeting, 7.11.99  What Next? No.15
Dennis CanavanWhen Will They Ever Learn? An Open Letter to Ken Livingstone  London Election Special
Matthew WillgressLessons of the Livingstone Campaign  London Election Special
Martin SullivanLivingstone and the London Elections: Questions and Answers  London Election Special
Martin SullivanLessons of the London Elections  What Next? No.16
Neil MurrayJust Because the LSA was Wrong, That Doesn’t Mean Livingstone was Right  What Next? No.17
Martin SullivanOh Yes It Does (Well, Mostly): A Reply to Neil Murray  What Next? No.17
Neil MurrayIf Ken’s Campaign Was Right, Why Haven’t Things Changed?  What Next? No.18
Andrew RobinsonMartin Sullivan, Livingstone and the Left  What Next? No.18
Matthew WillgressLivingstone and the Left (letter)  What Next? No.19
Martin SullivanThe London Mayoral Election: How Do We Defeat the Tories?  What Next? No.24
Daniel BlaneyThe Congestion Charge: Why the Left Should Support It  What Next? No.25
Martin SullivanCome Back Ken, All is Forgiven  What Next? No.27
Richard PriceLivingstone Betrays! (letter)  What Next? No.28
Matthew WillgressGreen Sectarianism (letter)  What Next? No.28
ROSA LUXEMBURG  [Back to Categories]
Tony DaleIntroduction to Max Shachtman’s "Lenin and Rosa Luxemburg"  What Next? No.3
Max ShachtmanLenin and Rosa Luxemburg  What Next? No.3
Mike JonesLuxemburgism versus Leninism (letter)  What Next? No.5
Walter HeldThe German Left and Bolshevism  What Next? No.6
Mike JonesIntroduction to August Thalheimer’s "Rosa Luxemburg or Lenin?"  What Next? No.7
August ThalheimerRosa Luxemburg or Lenin?  What Next? No.7
Mike JonesRosa Luxemburg on Lenin’s Concept of the Party  What Next? No.13
MARX & ENGELS  [Back to Categories]
Al RichardsonThe Joy of Sects: Marx and Engels on Senile Leftism  What Next? No.9
Karl Marx and Jules GuesdeThe Programme of the Parti Ouvrier  What Next? No.11
Bernard H. MossReview of Francis Wheen, Karl Marx  What Next? No.16
Martin SullivanMarxism and Rioting  What Next? No.19
Friedrich EngelsComments on a "Anti-Capitalist" Riot  What Next? No.19
Friedrich EngelsBeer Riots in Bavaria  What Next? No.20
Bernard H. MossThe Eighteenth Brumaire as Disengagement from History: A Parody of the Old Mole  What Next? No.21
MARXISM  [Back to Categories]
Al RichardsonThe Progress and Stagnation of Marxism  What Next? No.2
Bob PittReview of Cyril Smith, Marx at the Millennium  What Next? No.3
Al RichardsonThe Class Basis of Marxism (letter)  What Next? No.6
Ernie HaberkernFrederick Engels, Baron Jellachich de Busim ... and Bosnia?  What Next? No.8
Jonathan JosephReview of John Rees, The Algebra of Revolution: The Dialectic and the Classical Marxist Tradition  What Next? No.10
Jim DyeReview of David J. Thompson, Marx and the British Left  What Next? No.15
A. SectarianMarxism-Lennonism (letter)  What Next? No.19
Andrew RobinsonMarxism and Mayday  What Next? No.20
Mike RookeHardt and Negri’s Empire: A New Communist ManifestoWhat Next? No.21
Mike RookeThe Limitations of "Open Marxism"  What Next? No.23
Cyril SmithReview of Loren Goldner, Vanguard of Retrogression  What Next? No.23
Andrew RobinsonWhere Now for "Marxism"? Reading Marx Creatively  What Next? No.25
Chris WrightComments on Mike Rooke’s ’The Limitations of "Open Marxism"’  What Next? No.25
Mike BandaA Letter to Liborio Justo  What Next? No.26
Bernie MossThe Hidden Marxism of The Making of the English Working Class  What Next? No.26
Harry RatnerWhat to Do After Reading Marx  What Next? No.26
Harry RatnerA Letter to Mike Banda  What Next? No.27
Rod QuinnMike Banda and Zionism  What Next? No.27
Bob ArcherA Reply to Andrew Robinson  What Next? No.27
Mike RookeReview of Steve Wright, Storming Heaven: Class Composition and Struggle in Italian Autonomist Marxism  What Next? No.27
Andrew RobinsonBetween Marxism and Populism: Working Class Identity and Bourgeois Ideology  What Next? No.28
Ian BirchallReview of Dave Renton, Dissident Marxism: Past Voices for Present Times  What Next? No.28
Mike RookeReview of Raya Dunayevskaya, The Power of Negativity  What Next? No.28
MARXISM & ANARCHISM  [Back to Categories]
Ann RobertsonThe Philosophical Roots of the Marx-Bakunin Conflict  What Next? No.27
Alan WoodwardMarx, Bakunin or What?  What Next? No.28
Geoffrey BrownWombling Free? Anarchists and the European Social Forum  What Next? No.29
MISCELLANEOUS  [Back to Categories]
Jonathan TrautmanReview of Mike Marqusee Anyone But England: Cricket and the National Malaise  What Next? No.12
Ivor KennaPolice Spies and Madmen (letter)  What Next? No.14
Matthew WillgressReview of Movement for a Socialist Future, Fighting the Multinationals: Raising the Cultural Horizon  What Next? No.17
Bob PittCompendium’s Closure: No Loss to the Left  What Next? No.18
Max McLellanHousmans Bookshop (letter)  What Next? No.19
Our Court Correspondent The Queen Mum – A Tribute  What Next? No.23
Dave RentonThe End of the Internet?  What Next? No.24
Jonathan ThorpeReview of David Muggleton, Inside Subculture: The Post-Modern Meaning of Style  What Next? No.27
Dave RentonZimbabwe: A Class Still in Need of Solidarity  What Next? No.28
MUSIC  [Back to Categories]
Robert WilkinsReview of C.P. Lee, Like the Night: Bob Dylan and the Road to the Manchester Free Trade Hall  What Next? No.11
Robert WilkinsReview of Frank Kofsky John Coltrane and the Jazz Revolution of the 1960s  What Next? No.14
Jim StuartThe Jazz Revolution and Frank Kofsky (letter)  What Next? No.15
Mike CowleyReview of Public Enemy, There’s a Poison Goin’ On  What Next? No.15
Robert WilkinsThe Jazz Revolution and Frank Kofsky (letter)  What Next? No.16
John WhiteReview of John Adams, Nixon in China  What Next? No.17
Ian RichardsonReview of The Beatles, 1  What Next? No.18
Robert WilkinsMiles Davis: "The Most Brilliant Sellout in the History of Jazz"?  What Next? No.22
Phil WatsonReview of John Coltrane, The Olatunji Concert  What Next? No.23
Robert WilkinsReview of David S. Ware Quartet, Freedom Suite  What Next? No.25
NATIONAL QUESTION  [Back to Categories]
Al RichardsonBosnia and the Rights of Nations to Self-Determination  What Next? No.3
Joe RassoolAgainst Neutralism: A Reply to Al Richardson  What Next? No.5
Mike JonesBosnia, Marxism and More (letter)  What Next? No.6
John SullivanReview of Daniele Conversi, The Basques, the Catalans and Spain: Alternative Routes to Nationalist Mobilisation; Gershon Shafir, Immigrants and Nationalists: Ethnic Conflict and Accomodation in Catalonia, the Basque Country, Latvia and Estonia  What Next? No.6
Dave HollisMarxism and the National Question  What Next? No.7
John SullivanReview of Tom Nairn, Faces of Nationalism: Janus Revisited  What Next? No.7
John SullivanReview of Michael Löwy, Fatherland or Mother Earth? Essays on the National Question  What Next? No.11
John SullivanNationalism Against Marxism  What Next? No.19
Mike JonesMarxism and Nationalism (letter)  What Next? No.20
Mick WoodsThe National Question (letter)  What Next? No.21
Andrés NinAustro-Marxism and the National Question  What Next? No.25
Ed GeorgeThe Basque National Question (letter)  What Next? No.25
Andrew CoatesThe Break-Up of Tom Nairn?  What Next? No.27
Gregor GallSocialism, the "National Question" and the Independence Convention in Scotland  What Next? No.28

PALESTINE/ISRAEL  [Back to Categories]
Martin SullivanIsrael/Palestine: Two States?  What Next? No.22
Israeli Reservists"We Shall Not Continue to Fight This War of the Settlements"  What Next? No.22
Rod QuinnPalestine/Israel  What Next? No.23
PHILOSOPHY  [Back to Categories]
Jonathan JosephReview of Roy Bhaskar, A Realist Theory of Science  What Next? No.5
Jonathan JosephReview of Louis Althusser, The Spectre of Hegel: Early Writings  What Next? No.8
Brian GreenBuddhism and Meditation: Some Preliminary Thoughts  What Next? No.15
Dave RentonKarl Korsch  What Next? No.16
Jonathan JosephSubjectivist Marxism and the Status of Philosophy  What Next? No.17
Ron HeislerResponse to the Modern Ranters: A Layman’s Naive Thoughts on the Cult of Roy Bhaskar  What Next? No.18
Phil SharpeDefending Philosophy  What Next? No.19
Bill HendersonCritical Realism (letter)  What Next? No.19
Mike RookeNo Return to Philosophy!  What Next? No.20
Ron HeislerTo Bury a Binfull of Bhaskarites  What Next? No.20
Phil SharpeDefending Philosophy Once Again  What Next? No.21
Phil SharpeDefending Philosophy Once Again (Part 2)  What Next? No.22
POLITICAL STRATEGY  [Back to Categories]
Jack BernardWhy the Socialist Revolution Has Failed  What Next? No.2
Jim DyeDon’t Shoot!  What Next? No.2
Ted CrawfordThe Left and Guns (letter)  What Next? No.3
Jack Bernard"Revolutionary" Opportunism  What Next? No.3
Martin SullivanGlobalisation (letter)  What Next? No.3
Dave LandauWhy the Socialist Revolution has Failed (letter)  What Next? No.3
Mab SeymourHegemony Revisited  What Next? No.4
Jonathan JosephLeninism and Hegemony (letter)  What Next? No.5
Mike JonesThe Communist Manifesto, the United Front, the Labour Party and History: Some Reflections  What Next? No.9
Ernie HaberkernIntroduction to Hal Draper’s "Toward a New Beginning"  What Next? No.10
Hal DraperToward a New Beginning – On Another Road: The Alternative to the Micro-Sect  What Next? No.10
Bob PittThe Transitional Programme and the Tasks of Marxists Today  What Next? No.11
Harry RatnerThe Transitional Programme Reassessed  What Next? No.12
August ThalheimerStrategy and Tactics of the Communist International: What are Transitional Slogans?  What Next? No.13
Bob PittReview of Leon Trotsky, The Transitional Programme, International Bolshevik Tendency edition  What Next? No.14
Steven DaviesMayday (letter)  What Next? No.20
Andrew CoatesRevolutionary Recreations: The Myth of Situationism  What Next? No.21
Martin SullivanMarxism, Rioting and Moralism (letter)  What Next? No.21
Andrew RobinsonWorkers and Direct Action (letter)  What Next? No.22
Martin SullivanMarxism versus Anarchism (letter)  What Next? No.23
Dave RobertsMarxism and Organisation (letter)  What Next? No.25
Martin SullivanReview of Alan Woodward, Party Over Class: How Leninism Has Subverted Workers’ Council Organisation  What Next? No.25
Louis ProyectReview of The Weather Underground, film directed by Sam Green and Bill Siegel  What Next? No.26
Bill EvansMarxism and Alliances (letter)  What Next? No.27
Martin SullivanWhat is the United Front?  What Next? No.28
Terry LiddleExtending the Circle of Compassion: Socialism and Animal Rights  What Next? No.29
Dave OslerNeither New Labour Nor Gorgeous George: How One Old Trot Ended Up a Reluctant Green Voter on Super Thursday  What Next? No.29
RELIGION  [Back to Categories]
Andrew CoatesIn Defence of Militant Secularism  What Next? No.29
Robert WilkinsQaradawi, Ken Bigley and Islamophobia  What Next? No.29
Salma YaqoobHijab: A Woman’s Right to Choose  What Next? No.29
RESPECT COALITION  [Back to Categories]
Bob Pitt"British Politics at the Crossoads"? Prospects for the "Respect" Coalition  What Next? No.27
Jim MulliganRespect: Learning from History (letter)  What Next? No.28
Martin SullivanThird Time as Farce? The Respect Coalition Heads for Political Oblivion  What Next? No.28
Barry BuitekantLindsey German and Crime  What Next? No.28
Martin SullivanRespect Coalition: No Joke  What Next? No.29
RIGHT WING  [Back to Categories]
Herman de TollenaereTheo Van Gogh: Hero, Anti-Semite, Misogynist or Islamophobe?  What Next? No.29
Yoshie FuruhashiA ‘Clash of Civilizations’, Sending Pink Sparks Flying?  What Next? No.29
Martin SullivanBrownshirts in Blazers? The Rise of UKIP  What Next? No.29
SCIENCE  [Back to Categories]
Alan SmithReview of James Gleick, Chaos: Making a New Science  What Next? No.4
Tony WhelanReview of Daniel C. Dennett, Brainstorms  What Next? No.6
Jim DyeSeeing the Light  What Next? No.14
José VillaStill Walking With Dinosaurs: Marxist Reflections on Evolution and Mass Extinctions  What Next? No.16
Chris KnightNoam Chomsky: Politics or Science?  What Next? No.26
Will PodmoreReview of Glenn McGee and Arthur Caplan (eds), The Human Cloning Debate  What Next? No.29
SCOTLAND  [Back to Categories]
Bob PittReview of James D. Young, John Maclean: Clydeside Socialist  What Next? No.3
Gordon MorganSocialists and the Scottish Question  What Next? No.4
Bob PittReview of Jack Conrad, Blair’s Rigged Referendum  What Next? No.5
John SullivanSocialism and the Scottish National Question (letter)  What Next? No.5
J. Stone and M. HillSocialism and the Scottish National Question (letter)  What Next? No.5
Bob PittReview of Phil Sharpe, John Maclean’s Principled Perspective of World Revolution  What Next? No.5
Bob PittJohn Maclean and the Scottish Workers’ Republic  What Next? No.6
Adam BusbyThe Scottish National Question (letter)  What Next? No.6
Alan McCombesScottish Independence and the Struggle for Socialism  What Next? No.9
Allan ArmstrongAll Hail, the Scottish Workers’ Republic!  What Next? No.11
Mary WardScottish Independence: A Reply to Alan McCombes  What Next? No.11
Bob GoupillotFor a Socialist Unity Slate in the Scottish Elections  What Next? No.12
Allan ArmstrongScottish Socialist Party Conference Report  What Next? No.13
Bob PittReview of Dave Sherry, John Maclean  What Next? No.13
Bob PittReview of Tommy Sheridan and Alan McCombes, Imagine: A Socialist Vision for the 21st Century  What Next? No.18
Vince MillsProspects for the Left in Scotland  What Next? No.29
VICTOR SERGE  [Back to Categories]
Victor SergeA Letter and Some Notes  What Next? No.6
Victor SergeSecrecy and Revolution: A Reply to Trotsky  What Next? No.9
Ernie HaberkernVictor Serge and "Libertarianism"  What Next? No.9
Ian BirchallVictor Serge: Hero or Witness?  What Next? No.10
Ernie HaberkernIan Birchall and Victor Serge  What Next? No.11
Ian BirchallErnie Haberkern and Victor Serge  What Next? No.12
Victor SergeThree Documents, 1921-1926  What Next? No.27
SOCIALIST ALLIANCE  [Back to Categories]
Ian DonovanSocialist Alliances Conference: Progress, at a Snail’s Pace  What Next? No.10
Bill DaviesThe Labour Party versus the Socialist Alliance (letter)  What Next? No.15
Janine BoothThe LSA and the London Elections  London Election Special
Dave OslerSmaller Goldfish, Bigger Bowl: Prospects for the London Socialist Alliance  What Next? No.17
Darrell GoodliffeThe Socialist Alliance (letter)  What Next? No.18
Darrell GoodliffeThe Socialist Alliance (letter)  What Next? No.19
Bob PittWhat Role for the Socialist Alliance?  What Next? No.19
Mike MarquseePreliminary Reflections on the Socialist Alliance Results  What Next? No.20
Andrew CoatesThe Socialist Alliance: A Regional View  What Next? No.20
Alan WoodwardReflections of a Socialist Alliance Candidate  What Next? No.23
Kambiz Boomla and Paul McGarrThe Blackwall and Cubitt Town By-Election  What Next? No.23
Bob PittThe Blackwall and Cubitt Town By-Election: A Comment  What Next? No.23
John BrunnerThe Socialist Alliance and Elections (letter)  What Next? No.24
Pete FirminThe Socialist Alliance and Campaigns (letter)  What Next? No.24
Dave OslerRecomposition and the British Left  What Next? No.6
Bob PittRecomposition in Britain: A Reply to Dave Osler  What Next? No.7
Pat ByrneThe Electoral Road to Damascus  What Next? No.7
Martin SullivanThe Independent Labour Network: Another Sectarian Dead End?  What Next? No.11
Ken CoatesCan New Labour Avoid an Electoral Challenge? An Open Letter to John Prescott  What Next? No.12
Ken CoatesThe ILN and the Labour Party (letter)  What Next? No.12
Martin SullivanThe Independent Labour Network (letter)  What Next? No.13
Martin SullivanThe Left and the May Elections  What Next? No.13
Jim DyeElectoral Challenges to Labour: The Failure of Illusion  What Next? No.13
Dave OslerThe Illusion of Failure: A Reply to Jim Dye  What Next? No.14
Phil WatsonCommunists and the Labour Party (letter)  What Next? No.14
Jo GreenThe Futility of Entryism (letter)  What Next? No.14
Ian RichardsonEntryism (letter)  What Next? No.15
Ian HarrisonThe Labour Party, the Trade Unions and History (letter)  What Next? No.15
Oliver NewCATP and the London Elections  London Election Special
Tatchell for London CampaignPeter Tatchell and the London Elections  London Election Special
SOCIALIST LABOUR PARTY  [Back to Categories]
Bob PittThe Socialist Labour Party: Why Arthur Scargill is Wrong  What Next? No.1
Ian Dudley and Geoff PalmerThe Socialist Labour Party: Why Bob Pitt is Wrong  What Next? No.2
Patrick BentonThe SLP and the Crisis of Social Democracy  What Next? No.2
Dave OslerBritain’s Party of Recomposition: Why Trotskyists Should Join Socialist Labour  What Next? No.3
Henry SykesThe Socialist Labour Party (letter)  What Next? No.3
Bob PittStalinophobia and the SLP (letter)  What Next? No.4
Ian DriverScargill’s Socialist Labour Party  What Next? No.6
Ian DudleyThe Socialist Labour Party: From Opportunity to Obstacle  What Next? No.7
Ian BirchallThe Case for the SWP  What Next? No.8
Martin SullivanThe Socialist Workers Party and Elections  What Next? No.9
Jon TrautmanThe SWP and Democracy (letter)  What Next? No.10
Jim DyeThe SWP and the Trade Unions (letter)  What Next? No.10
Ian BirchallHal Draper and the International Socialists (letter)  What Next? No.11
Bob PittThe SWP Acquires a Programme  What Next? No.12
Jo GreenThe Socialist Workers Party (letter)  What Next? No.11
Ernie HaberkernHal Draper and the International Socialists (letter)  What Next? No.12
Jim HigginsThe Locusts, Cankerworms, Caterpillars and Palmerworms Will Get You If You Don’t Watch Out  What Next? No.14
Matthew WillgressReport on "Marxism at the Millennium"  What Next? No.14
Ted CrawfordTony Cliff: A Political Appreciation  What Next? No.16
SWP Central CommitteePolitical Differences Within the IS Tendency  What Next? No.17
Ted CrawfordThe Split in the IS Tendency  What Next? No.19
SWP Central CommitteeStatement on Relations Between the SWP (GB) and the ISO (US)  What Next? No.19
ISO Steering CommitteeThe ISO (US) and the International Socialist Tendency  What Next? No.19
Bob PittAn Afterword  What Next? No.19
Bob PittCynicism and the SWP  What Next? No.25
Mike MarquseeThe Socialist Workers Party and the Stop the War Coalition  What Next? No.26
Kevin MurphyThe SWP and the Anti-War Movement (letter)  What Next? No.26
SOUTH AFRICA  [Back to Categories]
Norman TraubReview of Yousuf S. Rassool, District Six: Lest We Forget  What Next? No.18
Joe RassoolThe Unity Movement in South Africa (letter)  What Next? No.20
Norman TraubThe NEUM and NUMSA (letter)  What Next? No.21
Glenn FarredThe Unity Movement of South Africa (letter)  What Next? No.26
Raymond van DiemelDulcie September (letter)  What Next? No.26
Joe RassoolA Synopsis of The Valley Awakes  What Next? No.28
Jack BernardThe Collapse of the East-European Workers States  What Next? No.1
Bob PittReview of John Ross, The Choices for Russia: The Economic Programme of the Left Opposition  What Next? No.2
Paul FlewersWar Communism in Retrospect  What Next? No.5
Al RichardsonThe Russian Revolution: A Twentieth Century Enigma  What Next? No.6
Bob PittReview of John Rees et al, In Defence of October  What Next? No.6
John ReedSoviets in Action  What Next? No.8
Bob PittReview of Sean Matgamna, ed, The Fate of the Russian Revolution: Lost Texts of Critical Marxism  What Next? No.11
Paul HamptonWorkers’ Liberty and the Third Camp  What Next? No.12
Ernie HaberkernStalinism and Authoritarian "Socialism"  What Next? No.12
Ernie HaberkernTwo Notes  What Next? No.13
Lisa TaylorWhere is Russia Going?  What Next? No.13
Boris KagarlitskyReview of I. Kh. Urilov, Martov: Politician and Historian  What Next? No.16
Boris SouvarineStalin: Why and How  What Next? No.19
Mike RookeReview of Roger Keeran and Thomas Kenny, Socialism Betrayed: Behind the Collapse of the Soviet Union  What Next? No.29
SPAIN  [Back to Categories]
John SullivanThe Spanish Socialist Party  What Next? No.2
John SullivanThe Spanish Communist Party and the United Left  What Next? No.4
John SullivanThe Crisis in the Basque Country  What Next? No.5
John SullivanThe United Left Unravels  What Next? No.6
John SullivanSpain’s Fragmented Left  What Next? No.7
Jim PadmoreMarxism and the National Question in the Spanish State  What Next? No.9
John SullivanThe ETA Ceasefire  What Next? No.10
Jim PadmoreThe Basque Elections  What Next? No.11
John SullivanReview of Alberto Arregui et al Euskadi: Autodeterminación y Socialismo  What Next? No.12
Eva EisenschitzA German Communist in the Spanish Civil War  What Next? No.13
Andrés NinBloc, Party or Organisation of Sympathisers?  What Next? No.15
John SullivanETA’s Suicidal Offensive  What Next? No.17
John SullivanSpain Bans Radical Nationalism  What Next? No.24
Graham CoppReview of Paddy Woodworth, Dirty War, Clean Hands – ETA, the GAL and Spanish Democracy  What Next? No.25
Ed GeorgeFrankenstein and the Monster: The Spanish State Left After the May Elections  What Next? No.26
Åge KjelsøA Danish Trotskyist in the Spanish Civil War  What Next? No.29
SRI LANKA  [Back to Categories]
T. PereraEdmund Samarakkody  What Next? No.3
Edmund SamarakkodyThe National Question in Sri Lanka  What Next? No.3
Meryl FernandoTravelling the Capitalist Road: The Peoples Alliance Government in Sri Lanka  What Next? No.5
T. PereraThe Bracegirdle Saga: Sixty Years After  What Next? No.5
T. PereraReview of Revolutionary History, Vol.4, No.3, Blows Against the Empire: The Lanka Sama Samaja Party, 1935-1964  What Next? No.8
Ajith SamaranayakeReview of Revolutionary History, Vol.4, No.3, Blows Against the Empire: The Lanka Sama Samaja Party, 1935-1964  What Next? No.8
Wesley S. MuthiahObituary: Mark Anthony Lyster Bracegirdle  What Next? No.14
Bob PittReview of Y. Ranjith Amarasinghe, Revolutionary Idealism and Parliamentary Politics: A Study of Trotskyism in Sri Lanka  What Next? No.15
Meryl FernandoOscar Pereira (1926-2001): An Appreciation  What Next? No.21
TRADE UNIONS  [Back to Categories]
Jim DyeDefeated But Still Fighting: The Liverpool Docks Dispute – Some Lessons for Socialists  What Next? No.7
Jonathan JosephObituary: Paul Wozny  What Next? No.10
Theodor BergmannThe German Unions and the New Government  What Next? No.12
Jim DyeIdeology and the Unions  What Next? No.14
Pete FirminThe Trade Unions, the Left and the Labour Party  What Next? No.15
TROTSKY  [Back to Categories]
Jack BernardIntroduction to Trotsky’s "The Programme of Peace"  What Next? No.1
Leon TrotskyThe Programme of Peace  What Next? No.1
Jack BernardIntroduction to Trotsky on the United States of Europe  What Next? No.4
Leon TrotskyIs the Time Ripe for the Slogan "The United States of Europe"?  What Next? No.4
Leon TrotskyLetter to Yugoslav Comrades  What Next? No.6
Al RichardsonReview of Dimitri Volkogonov, Trotsky: The Eternal Revolutionary  What Next? No.5
TROTSKYISM  [Back to Categories]
Gerry DowningRevolutionary Regroupment: Not Just an Option but the Only Serious Way Forward for Trotskyism  What Next? No.4
Jack BernardReview of Zheng Chaolin, An Oppositionist for Life  What Next? No.4
Jim DyeReview of Jim Higgins, More Years for the Locust: The Origins of the SWP  What Next? No.5
John ArcherTrotskyist History (letter)  What Next? No.6
John ArcherReview of Bill Hunter, Lifelong Apprenticeship: The Life and Times of a Revolutionary  What Next? No.7
Nick DaviesTrotskyist Regroupment: The Ununiteable in Pursuit of the Undesirable  What Next? No.8
John Archer"Entrism": Lessons from the 1930s  What Next? No.8
Gerry DowningWhy We Must Defend the Essentials in Order to Condemn the Errors: A Reply to Nick Davies  What Next? No.10
Nick DaviesGerry Downing and Trotskyism (letter)  What Next? No.11
John SullivanA Secret Strategy: Roy Tearse and the Discussion Group, 1971-88  What Next? No.11
Jack DavisLambertism (letter)  What Next? No.11
V.N. GelisThe Transitional Programme, (letter)  What Next? No.13
José VillaTen Years of the LRCI  What Next? No.14
Will MatthewsRevolutionary Regroupment (letter)  What Next? No.14
Frank WainwrightLambertism (letter)  What Next? No.14
Brian GreenWorkers Power and the LRCI (letter)  What Next? No.15
Richard StephensonStalinism Versus Revolutionary Socialism in Vietnam  What Next? No.15
Tom HallsworthyLambertism (letter)  What Next? No.15
Miranda McVeighLambertism (letter)  What Next? No.15
Henry BalfourTrotskyism and Social Democracy (letter)  What Next? No.16
Bob PittReview of Dennis Tourish and Tim Wohlforth, On the Edge: Political Cults Right and Left  What Next? No.17
Andrew CoatesLambertism and the French Left (letter)  What Next? No.17
Harry RatnerThe Fourth International in Perspective  What Next? No.18
Archer, JohnTrotskyists and the Labour Party: Some Lessons from History  What Next? No.18
Mike CalvertJohn Archer, 1909-2000: A Personal Tribute to a Revolutionary Life  What Next? No.18
Martin SullivanReview of Revolutionary History, Vol.7 No.4, The Hidden Pearl of the Caribbean: Trotskyism in Cuba  What Next? No.18
Martine and StephanieLambertism (letter)  What Next? No.18
Martin SullivanMichel Pablo and Entrism (letter)  What Next? No.19
Matthew WillgressHealyism in the 1950s (letter)  What Next? No.20
Mike CalvertJohn Archer Memorial Meeting  What Next? No.20
Al RichardsonThe Place of Trotskyism in the Logic of Marxism  What Next? No.20
Cyril SmithOn the Importance of Having Been a Trotskyist  What Next? No.20
Hervé DucrosLambertism (letter)  What Next? No.21
Ian BirchallUnpopular Fronts?  What Next? No.21
Fabrice NicolinoThe Strange Monsieur Lambert  What Next? No.22
Jim HigginsTrotskyist Bears and Working Class Stars  What Next? No.22
Andrew BurginTed Grant Book Launch  What Next? No.23
Harry RatnerTed Grant and Trotskyism: The Unbroken Thread?  What Next? No.23
Harry RatnerLife After Trotskyism: A Personal Account  What Next? No.24
Ed George et alCeri Evans, 1965-2002: An Obituary  What Next? No.24
Matthew WillgressThe fall of Militant (letter)  What Next? No.24
Mike PearnJim Higgins Memorial Meeting  What Next? No.25
Jim Higgins1956 And All That  What Next? No.25
John McIlroyThe Revolutionary Odyssey of John Lawrence (Part 1)  What Next? No.26
Meryl FernandoAl Richardson (1941-2003)  What Next? No.27
Al RichardsonJohn Sullivan (1932-2003)  What Next? No.27
Dennis TourishIntroduction to ‘Ideological Intransigence, Democratic Centralism and Cultism’  What Next? No.27
Dennis TourishIdeological Intransigence, Democratic Centralism and Cultism  What Next? No.27
Lam Chi LeungChen Duxiu Website (letter)  What Next? No.27
Serge DenisThe US Trotskyists and the Labor Party Question in the 1930s  What Next? No.28
UNITED STATES  [Back to Categories]
Bob PittWhy Socialists Should Defend Clinton  What Next? No.10
Bernard H. MossReview of Robert B. Reich, Locked in the Cabinet  What Next? No.13
Woody HautReview of Mike Davis, Ecology of Fear  What Next? No.15
Mike PhippsReview of Mike Marqusee, Redemption Song  What Next? No.15
Jason SchulmanReview of Brian Lloyd, Left Out: Pragmatism, Exceptionalism, and the Poverty of American Marxism  What Next? No.16
Catherine LaffertyReview of Peter Singer, The President of Good and Evil: Taking George W. Bush Seriously  What Next? No.29
WHAT NEXT?  [Back to Categories]
John ArcherA View of the Journal (letter)  What Next? No.3
AnonIn Defence of Incurable Sectarianism (letter)  What Next? No.14