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Alliance for Green Socialism and Iraq

IN THEIR diatribe against Tony Greenstein in What Next? No.30 (‘Lies, Damn Lies and Tony Greenstein’), Daniel Randall and Sacha Ismail refer to "his recent membership of the Alliance for Green Socialism; an organisation which positively supports the occupation of Iraq by UN troops!"

The Alliance for Green Socialism does not support the occupation of Iraq by anyone’s troops. The policy of the AGS is stated in the following 2005 conference resolution:

"The Alliance for Green Socialism notes that

•  the United States and the United Kingdom were responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis by means of sanctions before the 2003 invasion of Iraq;
•  the US and UK peddled lies about weapons of mass destruction in an attempt to justify their 2003 invasion of Iraq;
•  the 2003 invasion of Iraq was illegal under international law;
•  the invasion and occupation of Iraq has already caused an estimated 100,000 civilian Iraqi deaths;
•  the continuing occupation of Iraq by US and UK forces is illegal.

The AGS believes that the principal motive for the 2003 invasion of Iraq was an imperialist desire for control of Iraq’s oil resources.

The AGS therefore calls for the immediate withdrawal of UK and other occupying forces from Iraq.

The AGS further calls for the payment to Iraq of reparations by the US and the UK for the huge damages, both to life and property, caused by their illegal invasion."

Indeed, the AGS was actively calling for the immediate withdrawal of all occupying troops while the Stop the War Coalition, some eighteen months ago, was refusing to back immediate withdrawal.

The Alliance for Green Socialism awaits an apology from Randall and Ismail.

Mike Davies
Chair, Alliance for Green Socialism